Stainless Steel Milk Can Pot Storage with Lid Ghee Can Milk Pot Oil Container Milk Barni Milk Dolu (3 Piece Set | Volume-1700,2200,2850 ML)

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Material - Stainless Steel | Color - Silver | Milk Can/Milk Barni/Milk Pot/Oil Can/Ketali/Dolchi - Capacity, 1700, 2200, 2850 ML with Lid, Silver - Diamater – 12 cm,13.5 cm,14.5 cm Stainless Steel Milk Can/Milk Barni/Milk Pot/Oil Can (with Lid, Silver) - Capacity  - 1.7, 2.2, 2.85 Litre Diamater - 12 cm , 13.5 cm , 14.5 cm =>Ketali= Width-12 cm ,13.5 cm,14.5 cm Height-15,16,17 cm, Debth-14 ,15.5 ,16.5 cm, Weight-437 , 526 ,600 GM Appx. Capacity-1700,2200 , 2850 Ml,  { STEEL OIL CONTAINER | MILK CAN | CONTAINER STEEL | MILK POT | GHEE POT } - This is a Multipurpose Product and dolchi can be used to store Milk, Oil, Ghee, Grocery etc. This product can also be used for as Oil Container Steel. The product vintage design makes it attractive as well. Unique features: a) strong and sturdy b) unbreakable c) made from high quality stainless steel. Strong and durable, made from 100% stainless steel. Easy to clean with hands. Durable, long lasting. It is one of the most essential utensils today. The Shiv Shakti Arts Designer Dolchi/ Ketali Milk & Oil Can is the product that you can trust. The most important thing about it is the quality that we have elegant and simple design also gives it a perfect show in your utensil case It is made up of high quality stainless steel & Without Any Joint. Resistant to corrosion.