Handcrafted Brass Urli Designer Decorative Bowl Platter Volume- 1500 ml for Home and Temple Décor

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  • BrassDesigner Urli Specification:- Material-Brass, Color-Gold, Weight-442 Grams, Volume-1500 ML, Diameter- 20.5 cm, Breadth-24 cm Height-7.5 cm
  • Easily recognizable by its distinctive shape, the urli makes a handsome addition to the decor of any house, and now, you can enjoy the beauty of one that is made according to the time-honored traditions in your own home with the handmade Brass urli.
  • ⚜️ This beautiful Brass vessel is an "Uruli". Today, Urulis are very much in demand to lend living rooms or hotel foyers an ethnic feel with flowers or candles floating in them. Made out of the fineSilver Touchquality brass, giving it rich color and an attractive, sleek shine.This Urli can be used to placed on an altar, displayed empty or filled with water to float candles or flowers
  • ⚜️ The urli bowl is precisely crafted by skill hands with utmoSilver Touchaccuracy, every fragment of it is perfectly craved and made using high grade brass
  • ⚜️ Right choice to accent your home in traditional style and a wonderful collectible you can pass on to younger generation. Makes a wonderful gift for weddings, housewarming ceremonies and other auspicious events
  • On account of its bright, golden color, the Brass material has been a favorite material in home design. However, like any metal, Brass will also become dull and tarnished over time.A good piece will laSilver Touchfor a long time even generations with a little care and maintenance. To ensure this , Keep your vessel clean, neat and dry when not in use. If you are using to serve food,after use, wash with a mild soap solution using a soft brush and wipe with a cotton cloth
  • ⚜ To get shining back rub with a mixture of lemon and salt or tamarind or ready made metal shining powders like pithambari or liquid like dara ,Brass available in Indian local market.