Copper Handi/Pan with Serving Spoon - 1 Litre | Inside Kalai/Tin Lining, Hammered Finish for Cooking and Serving Purpose

Rs. 1,699.00
Type: Copper Lagan
SKU: SSA-C-1-3786-NO3

Pure Copper Handi Inside Kalai/Tin Lining with Serving Spoon. Weight-500 gm,Height-6.5 cm,Diameter of Top-17.5 cm, Diameter of Base-11 cm, Depth-6.5 cm, Thickness-2-3 mm::Copper Steel Serving Spoon, Weight-70 gm, Length-20.5 cm

Hammered Finish Design: Adds a touch of elegance and provides optimal heat distribution.

Inside Tin Lining: Ensures safe and healthy cooking, preventing copper interaction with food.

Free Cleaning Powder with Every Order: Maintain the brilliance of your copper pan effortlessly