Bronze Kansa Serving Portion Bowl Donga with Spoon for Home and Hotel Serving Purpose

Rs. 2,049.00
SKU: SSA-C-1-3792-NO1

  • Bronze/Kansa Sauce Pan 400 ML- Weight-400 gm, Height-5 cm, Width-15 cm Volume-400 ml, Diameter of Top-11 cm
  • Bronze/Kansa Sauce Pan 500 ML- Weight-500 gm, Height-5 cm, Width-16.5 cm Volume-500 ml, Diameter of Top-12.5 cm
  • Bronze/Kansa Sauce Pan 700 ML- Weight-617 gm, Height-5.5 cm, Width-18.5 cm Volume-700 ml, Diameter of Top-14.5 cm
  • Spoon- Weight-142 gm, Length-20 cm