Brass Dhuna Loban |Brass Dhoop Dani | Incense Dhup Burner,Brass Handcrafted Puja Dhoop ,Incense Burner,Loban Burner,Bakhoor Burner,Dhoop Dhuni,Sambrani Dhoop,with Wooden Handle set of 1

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  • Material:Brass Length-24 cm Diameter-11.5-cm Height-10 cm Weight-235 gm
  • This product is used in all the rituals and functions to perform the arthi to the God. It plays an important part in the temples and home.
  • This is made of Brass metal.
  • The camphor is placed and lit in the middle of the Soodakarandi and it is waved in circular fashion to show the gratitude and offerings to the God.
  • The flames from the Soodakarandi is partially touched with the hands and kept on the eyes as a part of the ritual to get positivity.
  • The hovering of the hands is used to open the sense of touch and flames are used to open the sense of sight. It gives calmness to the mind.