100% Pure Wood Sizzler Plate/Tray, Brown, Pack of 1

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SKU: SSA-C-1-3675

Material:- Wood With Iron| Dimension-(Height x Width) 3 cm x 33 cm , Length-17 cm, Weight- 1560 gm Each appx|  HOW ITS MADE : The Wooden Sizzler plate base is made of seasoned Pure Sheesham Wood & cast Iron Plate on Top. Quality is premium and you can use it to serve many hot dishes to your guest. UITABLE FOR : Best suited for Kitchen And Serving Tray For You Guest , hotels, restaurant, bar, picnic, outdoor cooking, cooking, parties PRECUATION : Precaution after using iron plate: just wash it with hot or Normal water and scrub it with whatever you like Dry it with a towel, and put it back on the burner. Allow the high heat to evaporate any remaining water left. When it cools again, apply a very light coat of oil to the plate with a paper towel. This will keep any moisture in the air from causing rust while the plates are stored Sizzlers, Brownies, exotic dishes