100% Pure Copper Pot | Matka Container With Lid 5.5 Litre Water Storing Capacity, Leak Proof,100% Pure Copper for Drinking Purpose

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Type: Copper Matka
SKU: SSA-C-1-3674-Lid

Copper Water Matka  Storage Capacity: 5.5 ltre Dimension : Length-21 cm, Width-16 cm,Height-21 cm , Weight- 1423 gm appx. Package Contain : 1 PC Copper Navin Matki and Lid  Copper Products Tarnish/oxidize over time, this is Natural for Copper products. Please follow the care Instruction manual for cleaning Copper products. Don't use the Lota for storage other than water ARTISAN CRAFTED Handmade metal ware is made by skilled craftsmen in India