Want to stay safe from cancer? Throw these 7 things from your kitchen NOW!

Want to stay safe from cancer? Throw these 7 things from your kitchen NOW!

Want to stay safe from cancer? Throw these 7 things from your kitchen NOW!

For those who love cooking and flavours, kitchen is the place where the soul is. But, you also need to know that kitchen is the place where bacteria, germs and diseases are. Fear not, we are not trying to scare you, but the idea is to tell you that how those small things can impact your health in a big way. From causing heart attack to cancer, there are items in your kitchen that can lead to many life-threatening diseases. 

1. Plastic bottles

The use of a chemical compound called Bisphenol A (BPA) makes plastic bottles and containers dangerous for the human body. Regular use of such containers affects the immunity, hormones and can lead to obesity. Reheating food in plastic container releases toxins that stimulate the insulin sensitivity and result in the release of fat cells.
Alternative: Use Copper Bottles to stay safe.

2. Refined oil

The refining process of oil uses a lot of acid, that is further deodorized with a chemical called Hexanol to remove the pungent smell. When the processed refined oil is heated for the frying purpose, it oxidises and releases trans fat, which is dangerous for the human body and may lead to heart problem and cancer.
Alternative: Use mustard oil to balance cholesterol levels.

3. Non-stick cookware

Research says that approx 90 percent of urban homes use non-stick pans for daily cooking. Using them on high temperature disturbs the PFCs coating in the form of fumes. And if swallowed, the chipped off coating may damage the liver and further cause digestion issues.
Alternative: Use Brass Cookware.

4. Aluminium foil

According to WHO, 50 mg of aluminium is permissible for the human body. Research says that food packed in foil contains approx. 2-5 mg of aluminium. This indirect consumption of aluminium hinders the absorption of zinc in the body that is inevitable for sharp brain and bone density.
Alternative: Use butter paper or cotton cloth.

5. Cracked crockery

We all have our favourite mugs and cups, but that doesn’t mean you can continue using them even after they are damaged. Cracked crockery will never be completely clean as germs settle into the tiny grooves. Throw them away today and say yes to a healthy life.
Alternative: Replace with Copper and Brass Crockery.

6. Plastic chopping board

If you are still using the plastic chopping board for cutting and chopping purposes, you definitely need to throw it away. Research says that wet chopping boards contain illness-causing bacteria that can further cause stomach infection. And of course, unconsciously you are also adding minute plastics in your food.
Alternative: Use wooden chopping board

7. Aluminium utensils

This might sound weird, but aluminium is a slow poison, and that’s the reason earlier aluminium utensils were used in jail to serve food because it meant causing slow death to the jail inmates. Regular use of aluminium utensils for food consumption leads to kidney and lung issues. This has been proven that the use of aluminium utensils leads to leakage of aluminium particles in food that further accumulates in the body and causes health issues.

Alternative: Switch to stainless steel or Brass utensils.



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